1) Absorption costing - machine hours basis
2) Activity based costing approach

Reasons for differenes of unit costs and the implications for Blackadder - 400 words

Evaluation of costing methods - 2000 words

1) Introduction 150-200 words
...1.1 importance of costing systems
...1.2 history: most firms use traditional, Kaplan developed new one (ABC)

2) Comparison 1800 words
...2.1 Limitations of traditional methods
...2.2 How ABC can overcome these limitations
...2.3 Further advantage of ABC
...2.4 ABC is not without flaws - Limitations of ABC

3) Very small conclusion to say both are for different purposes and good for different scenario etc

Issues to consider before implementing ABC - 400 words
......N.B its before implementing ABC, not during implementing ABC, and only include issues relevant to Blackadder

Conclusion - 200 words
...4.1 Very very brief summary of what we have covered
...4.2 Recommendation of action to Blackadder

Learning log - 250words summary (not included in word count)